What is it?

Kneaver is an appAn application available on the web, on desktop and mobile to optimizecircle back on ideas to increase retention and connect more dots your knowledgevalidated information you use from top of your head..

  • New learningsAcquired from reading, courses, videos you wish to elaborateDeepen your understanding, see more perspectives and how you could apply them. upon
  • Ideassolutions, models, rules, patterns you need to have readyas near as possible to be used, not necessarily memorized but without the need to study again a long form paper when situation ariserefine the use case of your ideas to find them back at once.
  • InsightsIdeas formed from your experience, the collision of new information and lessons learned. from experience to maturateFormalize your intuition, seek why, root causes and justifications.

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What will it change for you?

You become a smarter thinker.

  1. Learn faster,
  2. Produce deeper insights,
  3. Understanding situations faster,
  4. Spot Opportunities,
  5. Solve problems quickly and creatively.

Be Smart, Change Now

For Whom?

Brian is a first-time entrepreneur.

Brian learns a lot

He knows his domain perfectly but has to acquire quickly new skills in Marketing, Management, Finance, Web Marketing.

Brian took a 12-week seminar with Seth Godin to learn Marketing.

Brian pains to apply

He is now overwhelmed. When it comes to applying this new knowledge, Brian often realizes he forgot it, or forgot to use it at the right moment. Implementing new ideas to his context and get them from the top of his head is hard. He tends to forget as soon as new challenges arises. Challenges are the daily life of entrepreneur.

Brian matures his ideas with Kneaver

Brian is now a happy new entrepreneur. What he learns, he places it in Kneaver. Brian refines it and is ready at each opportunity to apply. He doesn’t need to overthink or overload his memory with details.

Be Brian, try Kneaver



Back in the days, a candle, paper and a quill was all that was needed by great thinkers.


Today many advocate the virtues of juggling swiftly between Evernote, onenote, Notion, Google Doc, Anki, Diigo, Office, <your favorite app name here> etc.


Fast forward: Tomorrow’s challenges, increased quantity knowledge, accelerated lifecycle of ideas and the need for speed of learning require a new tool, based on new concepts changing how we deal with knowledge: That’s Kneaver.

Be Ready, start Kneaver


Is it a kind of learning marketplace?

No. Kneaver starts where learning apps stop. After you gained awareness of the new material, you transcribe your takeaways inside kneaver in your own words. The impregnation of those learnings continues inside Kneaver. You can connect them with your prior knowledge, your context, your goals, and bring them toward implementation.

It is a note app?

No, Kneaver encourages the concise expression of ideas and promotes blending, connecting them. You may still want to keep a note app to save pieces of information and your shopping list.

How much can I write in an item?

No limits. You can keep as much as you want in an item, as well as pictures, links. However, Kneaver will consider this large item as a single idea. You can, but you will not leverage the power of kneaver. It can be a temporary situation. Kneaver provides help to break down long texts in smaller sub-items.

Plans & Pricing


Free for life $0/mo

  • Single User
  • 1000 items
  • Single device
  • Desktop App
  • Hosted installation

    Community Support

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Economy, bare metal $9.99/mo

  • Single User
  • Unlimited items
  • Unlimited devices
  • Desktop App
  • Hosted installation

    Mail Support



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All options included $14.99/mo

  • Single User
  • Unlimited items
  • Unlimited devices
  • Desktop App
  • Hosted installation

    Mail Support

    Social Media connector

    WordPress connector

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All Included $24.99/mo

  • 5 Users
  • Unlimited items
  • Unlimited devices
  • Desktop App
  • Dedicated Server
  • Hosted installation

    Unlimited Support

    Social Media connector

    WordPress connector

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